Financial Planning

Live your life by Design, Not by Default

As Certified Financial Planners, we will design a plan that evaluates your current circumstances and helps you shape a purpose-driven life in alignment with your values and priorities.

Discover your True Wealth

What indeed constitutes your true wealth? We guide our clients through exercises designed to uncover their core values and priorities, enabling them to establish meaningful goals aligned with them. Our approach is rooted in active listening as we strive to comprehend your unique perspective and what holds significance for you.

Selecting the appropriate financial advisor is a pivotal step to realizing genuine prosperity. We tailor a personalized plan to meet your specific requirements, whether they involve individual financial planning or business planning.

Financial Planning for Individuals

We present you with investment opportunities that are aligned with your goals. Our dedication to your best interests means that your objectives lead the way in your investment decisions, not the other way around. We approach financial planning from four distinct angles:


We’ll assist in evaluating your finances, including cash flow projections, liabilities, investment portfolio returns, and wealth transfer considerations.


A thorough examination of pension income sources, including CPP, OAS, Defined Benefit Pension, Group RRSP, and other savings and assets, such as home equity and your investment portfolio.

Risk Management Planning

Comprehensive analysis of life, disability, long-term care and other risk management solutions.

Financial Planning for Businesses

Do you have a clear understanding of your business’s value? Have you established a succession plan or a funded buy-sell agreement in case of unforeseen circumstances? What impact will selling your business have on your retirement? We can assist you in addressing these critical issues, concentrating on four key aspects of business financial planning:

Individual Planning

Your business is an integral component of your financial plan and a vital asset.


We assist in assessing your business’s value for inclusion in your plan. We also provide guidance on share ownership transfers and establishing or funding buy-sell agreements.

Tax Efficiency

We assist you in making tax-efficient decisions proactively, avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities in the future.

Succession Planning

Understanding your exit plan and the future of your business after your departure is essential for a successful handover.

Risk Management

We identify potential risks that could significantly impact your financial stability. While it’s vital to focus on the positive aspects of your situation, it’s equally important to recognize the potential negative consequences in the absence of protection. Transferring significant risk to an insurance company can be a wise strategy to mitigate the financial impact of unforeseen catastrophic events.

Incorporating insurance into the planning conversation, we explore various avenues, including:

Life Insurance

Life insurance can offer financial support by replacing income for your family, financing business succession plans, or addressing estate taxes. In most cases, insurance payouts are exempt from taxes, making them one of the most potent solutions for proactively planning and funding significant expenses.

Disability Insurance

Protects your income in the event of your inability to work while your income is a vital part of your cash flow requirements.

Long Term Care

Provides financial support for activities of daily living in respite care, adult day care, in-home care, assisted living and nursing home care.