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A Joint Venture – The Legacy of Financial Advise
MacLean Rowe Financial is where Tannis and Gaire’s practices adjoin to create an environment that supports client-centred holistic retirement, investment, and estate planning. Our mission is to provide targeted, common-sense advice and help our clients to identify and address financial priorities. We do not believe in embellishments, or complex planning binders, which are expensive and underused. We do believe there is value in getting to the point with real-world planning solutions. We specialize in Charting your Course to achieve your financial objectives and peace of mind.

An extensive referral network is available to clients needing legal, lending, or accounting services. We take pride in our personalized service and ability to be a trusted and integral part of our client’s investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning needs.

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Planning for Business Owners

Seniors Planning

Estate Planning

Divorce & Separation

Maclean Rowe Process – Chart Your Course

What Is Charting Your Course

 Together, we develop a detailed chart of your challenges and goals, to create an individualized financial plan. We then implement, monitor and report the results to you in a clear and consistent way.

Implement Your Plan

We put your plan into motion, whether it’s investing or protecting your assets. We’ll be here to provide guidance to help you stay on track and achieve your financial goals.


Achieve Financial Success

Regularly monitor your progress, making adjustments as necessary, and staying committed to your financial plan. We’ll help you chart your course towards financial success.

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