Divorce & Separation

  • Divorce & Separation Financial Analysis
  • Real Estate Transition – Purchase and Sale Support
  • Income Support Payments & Planning
  • Investment Transfers and Equitability 
  • Retirement Planning
  • Property Tax Deferral
  • Income Scenario Testing & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Leveraged Investments
  • Pension Plans
  • Government Benefits – OAS / CPP
  • Education Savings Plans
  • Gifting to Second Generation
  • Estate & Legacy Planning 
  • Planning for blended families

Divorce and separation can have a significant impact on your finances, so it’s important to be prepared and make a plan. This could involve figuring out how to divide assets and debts fairly, determining the amount of spousal and child support that should be paid, and making sure that any tax implications are properly addressed. It’s also important to update your financial accounts and documents, like your will and beneficiary designations. Working with a family law lawyer and a financial advisor can help ensure that your finances are properly taken care of during and after the divorce.

Divorce & Separation

Child & Spousal support

When a couple splits up, one person might need to give the other person money to support their children or to help them pay for things like rent and groceries. How much money they have to pay depends on how much money they make and what their expenses are. If they were married for a long time, they might need to pay support for a longer period of time.

It is essential to make sure support payments are fair and taken care of in a settlement.


Real estate & Assets

Assets such as real estate, vehicles, and personal property are considered for division. Real estate includes any homes or rental properties that the couple owns, while vehicles include cars, trucks, and boats. Personal property refers to furniture, artwork, jewelry, and other valuable items.

It is important to ensure that all assets are properly valued and divided fairly between both parties in the divorce settlement.


investments & retirement

The money saved for retirement, like pension, RRSPs, and other investments, will need to be divided. These accounts are considered family property and are subject to division in a divorce settlement. It’s important to think about how dividing these accounts might affect your taxes, and it’s a good idea to talk to someone who knows about finances to make sure everything is taken care of properly in the divorce settlement.

debt division

Couples who are divorcing also need to divide any debts they have together. This could include things like credit card debt, mortgage debt, lines of credit and other liabilities.  There are common ways that debt is divided in a divorce including: Each person takes responsibility for their own debt; Divide the debt equally; Divide based on the ability to pay.

It’s important to figure out the best way to divide the debt fairly. 

Business interests

If one of the spouses owns or has a part ownership in a business, that ownership interest might be split between both parties in a divorce settlement in Canada. To make sure everything is divided fairly, it’s important to work with a family law attorney who knows about business interests and a financial expert who can help figure out how much the business is worth. That way, both people get their fair share of the business and it’s taken care of properly in the divorce settlement.

life insurance & Beneficiary Designations

When you’re getting divorced, it’s important to think about any life insurance policies you have. You might want to change the person who will receive the benefit, especially if your ex-spouse is currently listed as the beneficiary. If you’re going to be paying child support or alimony, you might also want to ask your ex-spouse to keep a life insurance policy so that those payments will continue if something happens to you. If you have a joint life insurance policy, you’ll want to talk to your ex-spouse and make sure any changes you make are written down and agreed upon in the divorce settlement. 

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